3D Tattoo sketching tutorial

Konstantin Alexeev
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My friends! This is tutorial for creating 3D sketches and printing it on skin. It also good just to show your client that he/she needs in bigger tattoo size)

May be you saw a way to create it with a 3D Photoshop functional. But I found this way very uncomfortable and ineffective. So I started to use 3D coat as simplest way for me.

A secret of an awesome desing is a maximum preparations at a sketching step. You know it.

So there are steps how to do it.

-You need to download 3D Coat. Hope you know where find it. 30 days trial is available on the official site. Its for PC versions only.

Models of Arms and PDF tutorial you can download here. Its for FREE, but you can donate there if it has value for you.

Other parts of body I’ll adding later, if you interested let me know.

Ask me any question I will answer everyone. Its my first tutorial and I will be happy to listen any feed back!

Also if you find it good share with others this post link.

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  • tutorial+2 arm models

  • tutorial+2 arm models
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3D Tattoo sketching tutorial

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